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I fell in love with music at an early age.In kindergarten everyone else was singing Mikey Mouse..I was singing Curtis Mayfield....NO LIE.Since then my love of music has takin me on a journey.My first love has been there with me through the good and bad times.She was there,in second grade, when my first girlfriend broke up with me.(Alexander Oneal-A Broken Heart can Mend)She was there after my high school gradution(Outkast-Benz or a Beamer).I loved her so much that I starved my self in school and saved my lunch money to have the latest 12 inch.I DJ for my love.I live for my love.I practice for my love.I work for my love. Coming from the twin cities area,I was influenced by Prince,Flyte Tyme and the rest of the MPLS sound.I give love to the MPLS Dee Jays that inspired me.Mike Mack,Bro Jules,Ray Seville,Megan Megamixx,Trava Tron,Freddy Fresh,Alan Freed,Ken da Wizard Stone,Chilly Charles and John Suttels.So come and join me each and every Thursday at Noon,as I take you back in time to high top fades,gumbys,Karl Kani Jeans,Cross Colors and even Members Only jackets.And for new mixes please visit my profile on hdnightlife

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